Crash The Party 4: The Young & Arrogant Edition

Finally, the 4th installment to the CRASH THE PARTY series is here. CRASH THE PARTY 4 : The Young and Arrogant edition. The double cd featuring the summer’s hottest joints from Lil Wayne, Maino, LLoyd, LL Cool J, T-Pain, N.e.r.d , Jay-Z and Many more. Also exclusive remixes courtesy of Royale. For more info on where and how get a copy, Check the Bodega or contact

The Grand Groove takeover begins… get it right, get it tight.

CTP4 Snippets

5 Responses to “Crash The Party 4: The Young & Arrogant Edition”

  1. KiP Says:

    just listened to my copy of CTP4 in entirety…shit is DOPE! especially loving the “arrogant” edition and flawless mixing 🙂

    ROYALE…GOT it right, GOT it tight, SEEEEN!?!?!!! (haha)

  2. d Says:

    there are no bodegas in brampton, only rabba’s.


  3. Big Jacks Says:

    do not sleep on this one!

  4. td chank Says:

    if you want to, we can supply you!

    got enough Crash to feed the whole town!

    Grand Groove takin over! One city at a time…

  5. the nose_master returns! Says:

    i was deaf before i heard this cd…
    but now that know royale is a real dj…

    telephone cords were cut everywhere from land to sea…
    the osterperosis had already caused so much pain…
    Where is the dustpan?

    I can hear again!!!

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