Wu Tang Clan Live in Toronto (May 1996) ** RE-UPPED **

original concert flyer!

original concert flyer!

CIRCA 1996!!!

I’m sharing something special with ya’ll today. The last time there was an official Wu Tang Clan show in Toronto was May 1996 and here is the audio! I don’t know anyone else who has a copy of this cassette tape (although im sure someone must) but i do know this is extremely rare. Download this, enjoy it, blog it (but give credit!) and share it with any other Wu Tang fans you know! Although Method Man and Ghostface Killah are originally billed on the flyer, the line up at show time was Raekwon, ODB (RIP), U God, Cappadonna and Buddah Monk.

yo meth where my killer tape at?!!?!

yo meth where my killer tape at?!!?!

As a bonus the B side features the opening DJ set (pre serato!) by Mastermind and Starting From Scratch!!!! Big up Bozack on the photos/scan and big up my cousin, Black Tye Chi, on coppin this tape for me a week after the concert back in 96!

Wu Tang Clan live in Toronto

sideA: http://www.zshare.net/audio/192518338c54607a/

sideB: http://www.zshare.net/audio/1925226780b87db7/

** THIS IS IT YALL!! If you missed it the first time, or zshare died on you, or you plain out SLEPT, here’s the re-up for it. One .Zip file, both sides. Don’t sleep! This might not go up a second time! (or it might…if you play your cards right) **



ps. if ya’ll are nice we might post up the entire concert footage of Wu Tang (feat. ALL orig members), Black Moon and Smif N Wessun live in Toronto circa 93-94

37 Responses to “Wu Tang Clan Live in Toronto (May 1996) ** RE-UPPED **”

  1. Arrogant Roy Says:

    finally !! … that cover is amazing too

  2. Big Jacks Says:

    ask and u shall recieve!

  3. djmensa Says:


    p.s. been trying get that concert ripped to dvd for a minute. if you get it done, lemme know.

  4. m12 Says:

    please re-upload this concert.
    thanks for your understanding.

  5. mf1 Says:


    please be as kind as to re-up this concert. it would be much appreciated.

    looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    peace and wu tang forever

  6. StrayBullet Says:

    Mastermind?!!?!… BEEEEEEEEEEEEEJ!

  7. grandgroovedjs Says:

    hey ya’ll! a re-up on these links are coming soon. fuckin zshare!!!!

  8. miha Says:

    ^^looking forward to it.
    would it be possible for you to also upload the entire wu-tang clan concert footage back from 93-94 in toronto that you’ve mentioned in this post?
    i uploaded some wu stuff for you and i hope that you’ll bless us with that concert footage in exchange. thanks for your understanding.
    wu-tang forever!

    wu_freesytle_kzsu_ 90.1_fm (1993)


    Ol Dirty Bastard & Buddha Monk- Live in Amsterdam

  9. miha Says:

    please bless us with one of the most desired gifts for christmas – re-upload of this concert and upload of the concert footage of the whole clan back from 93-94 in toronto.

    merry christmas to all real hip hop heads.

    here’ another gift for you:

    Wu-Tang Clan – Live At Source Award (1995)

  10. grandgroovedjs Says:

    C-Hank, can you please re up that Wu audio for the peoples!!!?

    we definitely plan to up that video too, but that might not be for awhile 😦

  11. miha Says:

    happy wu thousand nine!
    i hope that 2009 here on your blogspot will start with wu uploads πŸ™‚

  12. wizard Says:

    peace grand groove. we’re still waiting for the re-up. thanks in advance

  13. Jen Says:

    I can’t believe I came across this!!! I am so waiting for the re-upload please.
    I was there that night! I still have my ticket, and an autograph from Buddah Monk on my old Du Maurier cigarette package. I remember when Buddah was giving me his autograph he was so nice, and happy to be with his fans.
    And I met ODB. He invited me to his hotel room after the show (along with many other ladies). I didn’t go.
    And Method wasn’t there because his fiancee went into labour that night. We were disapointed at first, but the show was spectacular!!! Full of energy!
    Wow this brought back many memories…

  14. grandgroovedjs Says:

    ^^^ damn Jen…sounds like you dont need to hear the audio, you remember everything that happened that evening! Rae mentions the fact that Meth couldnt make it cuz he’s at the hospital with his new born and at the end of the tape ODB (RIP) invites all ladies who are ‘virgin’s to the butt’ to come back to their hotel!!!! Sounds like you missed an amazing after party! πŸ˜› i joke, i kid…

    but for real…hopefully that link re-up comes tonight (Chank where you at?!!?!)

  15. Jen Says:

    Thank you so so much! You are awesome! I can’t beleive I have this. If you would like a picture of my ticket & autograph, just let me know which address to send it to.
    I actually met ODB in the front foyer after the show which is when I got my own personal invitation. But I also remember he was staying at The Sheridan Hotel at the 401 HWY & Kennedy Road (Which was Scarborough back then. Now it’s all called Toronto). And the Ellas Concert Hall is a very small venue. I still remember exacly what it looked like. Now I live just north of the city in Barrie. But I grew up in Pickering (which is also called Toronto now by many of the new folk there).
    I’m sure I did miss an amazing after party, but my friends mom who picked us up would of had a heartattack if we weren’t there. We didn’t have them handy cell phones back then, lol.
    Thank you for helping me remember all of these great memories. I actually came across your site when I saw an old video of Maria Carey & ODB, and I decided to google ODB.
    Keep up the great work!!!

  16. miha Says:

    props for this.
    and thanks jen for sharing your story with us:) those were the good ol’ days.

  17. grandgroovedjs Says:

    ^^Jen…wow, you remembered the hotel and everything from memory, that’s crazy!!! we hope you (and everyone else) enjoys the audio from the show! Speaking about Barrie, we (Grand Groove DJs: Big Jacks & Royale) just did a party out there the other week!

    anyhow..link is finally re-upped (thanks Chank). this is for all ya’ll who requested it, so grab it while you still can.

    we still have the video footage of WU & Boot Camp live in Toronto (circa 94) to upload…from vhs…..one of these days!!!

  18. Arrogant Roy Says:

    Any help of suggestions on how upload VHS would be helpful too…

    In the words of Jerry Maguire ” Help Me , Help You”

  19. miha Says:

    ^^i guess this’ll help you:

    thanks for dropping another wu jewel for us.

    peace and keep up the good work

  20. djmensa Says:

    get a pro to convert. i think i might know a cat.

  21. miha Says:

    when do you plan to upload that vhs with full wu concert?

    happy easter!

  22. miha Says:

    please bless us with that wu concert back from the days.
    or would you sell a copy of that tape to me?
    looking forward to hearing from you soon

  23. miha Says:

    please be as kind as to upload the wu concert on september the 8th, when ob4cl part 2 is coming out and make the day for the wu fans even more unforgetable.

    thanks for your understanding.

  24. Sha-fiyah Says:

    I was there for the WU show…haha autograph from budah Monk…were you at eaton center too when they shut down Eddie bauer and buddah Monk was freestyling?

    I was back stage at the Blackmoon-Smif show..met them that day and was in their tourbus with em…those guys are mad cool…tour bus was one big weed cloud..lol

    • Jen Says:

      Hey Sha-fiyah,
      I wasn’t at The Eaton Center. I wish I was, that would of been amazing!
      And you are so lucky to have been on their tour bus.

      Let’s keep the memories coming in, I love reading about them!

  25. m Says:

    can we still expect to get that entire concert footage of Wu Tang (feat. ALL orig members), Black Moon and Smif N Wessun live in Toronto circa 93-94?

    i really do hope so:)

    wish you all the best in the upcoming year!

    peace and wu tang forever

    • grandgroovedjs Says:

      for sometime this yea we will get to it. We just have to find someone to transfer the VHS. But definitely this year we will get around to it. Thanks for checkin’ homie

  26. m Says:

    world is still waiting for that wu tang concert…
    definitely lookign forward to hearing from you soon.


  27. sha-fiyah Says:

    Hey Jen,

    Yeah we ended up meeting up with bootcamp 2 more times. Then later on in our 20’s by boy Relz one ended up recording a song with Steele from Smif-N-wessun. They came to my boys friends studio when they were here like 3 yrs back and recorded some stuff there. Those guys are mad cool. I have the bootcamp clicks autograph when we first met them @ cut creator in Malvern when we were like 15-16.

  28. gboy Says:

    Please re-up the Wu-Tang, Black Moon Show! I was there; it was a Sunday night @ Guvernment. I saw Black Moon and Smif N Wessun but left around 1:30 am cause I had to work in the morn. I NEED to finally here what I missed!! Still pissed lol…Big up for the re-up!!!

  29. Kris Says:

    Thank you SO much for this classic material.

    I was 14 when this was in the clubs 😦

  30. Peekay Says:

    Can’t believe I found this! I was in Grade 11 and made the trip from Cobourg with some friends. Remember the show was supposed to start at 11 which was late but didn’t get underway until 2. ODB punched out the sound man. There were crazy fights too but I’ll never forget it. Funny enough, I now live just around the corner from Ellas Hall.

  31. Armin Faraji Says:

    Please reupload the file and also the video footage! PLEEEASE. email me and send it over if you dont wanna upload it. THANKS!

  32. ofwgkta bibliog. (@ofwgkta_bibliog) Says:

    Please be as kind as to upload that concert footage. Thank you in advance.

    • auto tate Says:

      I was there too. 12 years old at the time. I remember seeing all the lexus, and benz’s with gold rims outside. My first intro into the flashy life. Very small venue. Many fights. Old dirty going after the scrawny white sound kid. Toronto was still aggressive back then.

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