Random Joint: Pointer Sisters “he’s so shy”

I heard this a few weeks at Swiss Chalet (of course) on some background elevator music shit. I was bobbin’ my head but when the synth’s hit i went the fuck off! I hadn’t heard the tune in a minute and totally forgot it was the Pointer Sisters. I really reminds me of some CHFI easy listening yacht rock shit, and if it were white chicks singing it totally would be! Very hot and very random…never the less, enjoy!

ps. Big Jacks’ easy listening mix coming one day!
–Big Jacks

2 Responses to “Random Joint: Pointer Sisters “he’s so shy””

  1. 2girlsoneblog Says:

    loooove it…
    I had a “class” in elementary school where our teacher basically printed up the lyrics to his favourite tracks, played them on vinyl and had us sing along, this was always one of my faves (if I search hard enough I may find that binder of lyrics).. best class EVERRR! *true story*

    “that sweet little boy who caught my eye…”

  2. grandgroovedjs Says:

    jill knows!!!!

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