Grand Groove TV: Big Jacks preps Breakadawn 2

Awhile back my homie Bozack and I released a mix CD by the name of Breakadawn! A limited edition mix CD focusing on 80’s boogie and modern soul. Needless to say the CD is sold out and gone now, but part 2 is already in the planning stages! In this video i run through a stack of records i’m considering to play on the CD and give you some audio samples of the heat! Some stuff you might know, some stuff you might not. It’s not about playing the rarest shit, it’s about shit we like! So check it out and look out for Breakadawn 2 once it finally drops to see what actually makes the cut!

pt 2 of this video is coming soon, where we will take a sneak peak into what Bozack has planned for his set!

–Big Jacks

7 Responses to “Grand Groove TV: Big Jacks preps Breakadawn 2”

  1. David Love Jones Says:

    Great trks and real educaton in the dope and obscure 80`s Soul Funk

  2. Arrogant Roy Says:

    dopeness, can’t wait for Breakadawn 2 !!

  3. grandgroovedjs Says:

    yes yes, big up the homie David! i know you know what’s up.

  4. Chank! Says:

    yes! breakadawn 2 is gonna be so ill!

  5. jayboogie Says:

    brrap for the affinity joint!

  6. grandgroovedjs Says:

    ^^ yeah guy the affinity record is big!

  7. Son Of S.O.U.L. Says:

    What you know about Imagination homeboy???? (LOL!!!) Had that badboy on cassette the yr you were born. But on the real…..I’ve told you before brother, I’m proud of you for real. For your age you play boogie like you’re from the era. You got the ear. There’s cats my age who’ve been at it for yrs and still can’t run it as good as you (that’s real). Waitin’ on this one….PEACE!!!!

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