I honestly think Cam will be successful with his attempt to comeback. Once “I hate My Job” hit the net, all loyal Dipset Fans  took  it as a sign of reassurance that the  leader  of the formerly strong and now lost Diplomats movement, will state his claim once again.

Since then Cam has dropped three videos, First two are preludes to two new joints “I used to Get It In Ohio” & “Cookin’ Up”. The third video, is the latest hip hop sketch from the Rosenthal Bros. Who  teamed up with Mr.Giles for some comedic relief  (No Homo)  in an unusual interview session. Is Killa Season around the corner? or it is false hope in mist of another “hot summer”. We’ll just have to wait and see.

You mad doggy, you maaaddd !! 

-Arrogant Roy aka Royale Montana 

… yadigggggg

3 Responses to “KILLA!!”

  1. djmensa Says:


  2. bozackula Says:

    like WTF! OMG LOL!!11!! =D

  3. grandgroovedjs Says:

    hilarity! it’s good to see cam come back to the spotlight and do something humerous like this (re: letters to cam)

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