I can put you in a condo, but not in Buffalo…


We frequently enjoy going on day trips to Buffalo, NY. For shits, giggles, famous dave’s BBQ, and of course some WBLK on the radio. During one of our recent trips it came to our attention that the station was playing a different version of T-Pain’s “i can’t believe it” where the line, ‘I can put you in a condo all the way up in Toronto’ ,was totally removed from the song! No other cities were removed. WTF!!? How odd. So I decided to investigate by emailing BLK’s program director to ask what’s up. This is what he said.

We play the version that was submitted to us by the label.

Really? Why is that i’ve only heard THAT version on BLK and on no other American stations. When i probed deeper (no homo) he said he had no idea!

So what do you think? It makes me laugh more than anything but I’m still confused as to why they did that! Jealousy!!?

–Big Jacks

3 Responses to “I can put you in a condo, but not in Buffalo…”

  1. bozackula Says:

    think he’s lying?
    what do you think?

  2. grandgroovedjs Says:

    i just think it’s really odd how the only city they cut out of the song is toronto! nothing else. if this is the version they serviced to radio i’d imagine all radio stations are playing this version but i dont think that’s the case. very fishy.

  3. james councik Says:

    dats wierd as fuck

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