it’s April…fool

Shouts go out to my homegirl Char over @ Lululemon who put this snazzy video together as an April fool’s day promo/prank for the company website. She enlisted my talents to “produce” the record aka loop the shit up and rearrange the hook. Let’s see if one of you crazy crate diggers can identify the sample!!! Hey Char I think you can give Masia One a run for her money! When those major label deals come knocking remember who first put you on 😛

–Big Jacks

4 Responses to “it’s April…fool”

  1. charloro Says:


  2. Masia One Says:

    LOL. Cute! We’ll rhyme and (more importantly) dance battle! ps: I LOVE Rick Asley…his business hustle was on point!

  3. Arrogant Roy Says:

    soo good !!

  4. bozackula Says:

    yo i want to get on this!
    i’ma get my autotune jump off fo sheezy!!

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