Backroad Throwback Mix 80’s & 90’s hip hop classics!!!


Maaan, I totally forgot I had this throwback sitting on my comp to be blogged. This mix is from february 16th, 2009. A whole show of classic hip hop from the 80’s and 90’s. While we usually only do about a 30 mintue throwback each week on Backroad Radio, we’ll go in for the entire show when it’s a holiday monday! There’s a lot of gems in there that you probably havent heard in the longest time…like really, who the hell plays Imperial Diamond Shell?! We do! All mixed live by yours truly. So check this out and don’t sleep!!!!


Set 1
Redman – rockafella
Jamal – fades em all (pete rock remix)
Heltah Skeltah – da wiggy

Set 2
Tragedy feat. Havoc & Large Professor – funk mode
Common – communism (big jacks’ blend)
Common – the bitch in yoo
CNN – T.O.N.Y. (big jacks’ blend)
Mobb Deep feat. Nas & Raekwon – eye for an eye
Channel Live – mad izm remix (big jacks’ blend)
Gangstarr – gotta get over (large professor remix)
Fat Joe – envy (big jacks’ blend)
Fat Joe – flow joe
Big L – put it on (big jacks’ blend)
Lord Finesse feat. Big L – yes you may (remix)
Diamond D – the hiatus
Jay-Z – dead presidents
Beatnuts – do you believe (big jacks’ blend)
Jay-Z – feeling it

Set 3
Shabazz The Disciple – crime saga (remix)
Method Man – p.l.o style (big jacks’ blend)
Wu Tang Clan – after the laughter comes the tears (orig version)
Gravediggaz – nowhere to run nowhere to hide (big jacks’ blend)
Raekwon – criminology
Group Home – livin proof
Mad Skillz – nod factor (big jacks’ blend)
KRS One – outta here
Black Moon – i got cha opin (original version)
Leaders Of The New School – what’s next (large professor remix)
Tha Alkaholiks feat. Diamond D – next level remix (big jacks’ blend)
Casual – that’s how it is (remix)
Crooklyn Dodgers – crooklyn
Crooklyn Dodgers 95 – return of the crooklyn dodgers

Set 4
Chubb Rock – just the two of us
Ultimate Force – i’m not playin
Grand Daddy IU – something new
Prince Rakeem – ooh we love you rakeem
Grand Imperial Diamond Shell – the grand imperial diamond shell
Grand Master Hot Day – hot day is burnin’
Doug E Fresh – keep risin’ to the top
The Bizzie Boyz – droppin’ it
Big Daddy Kane – get into it
Stezo – to the max
MC Lyte – cram to understand (big jacks’ blend)
The D.O.C – it’s gettin funky

–Big Jacks

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