Royale’s random CD buys: Shawty Lo – Units In the City

getattachmentaspx1                                              Shawty Lo – Units in the City  (2007)    

Where : F.Y.E, Walden Galleria. Buffalo, U.S.A

How Much: 9.99

Why : I’m on my Down South, Bankhead, ATL shit. I Thought it would be good riding music, especially when i’m blunted. I also enjoy doing the “run-in-place” dance since “Dey Know” dropped.

Standout joints: The first 4 songs “100 000”, “Dey Know”, “Dunn,Dunn” & “Foolish”.

Sit down Joints: Everything after the first 4

Rating: 4/10

Conclusion : I’m gonna continue to support Shawty-Lo by continuing to “run-in-place” in the clubs and cursing at the radio everytime I hear T.I & Justin “Dead & Gone”. As for the album, putting in the shelf. 

-Arrogant Roy

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