Grand Groove TV: Tyrone, live from 115th & 1st Spanish Harlem

If you did or didn’t know, Big Jacks and myself (Royale) were out in NYC on our “Grand Groove ish” and of course reppin’ Toronto to the best of our ability. In N.Y we played a couple gigs, played on the Halftime Show, met up with some of our close personal friends and made some new ones as well, and OF COURSE ! we got footage. Speaking of making new friends, I would like to introduce y’all to Spanish Harlem’s very own, Tyrone.

Full NYC footage COMING SOON!

-Arrogant Roy

2 Responses to “Grand Groove TV: Tyrone, live from 115th & 1st Spanish Harlem”

  1. Memetic Says:

    When’s the last time you kissed YOUR hydrant tho, huh? Show some love and maybe your kids would be eatin’ better, sucka!

  2. grandgroovedjs Says:

    Tyrone is amazing! He’s like a celeb in that hood and showed us mad hospitality. He even offered to walk us back to the train station and everyone was hailing him up in the streets as we did!

    That block right there is home to him and other such as Black Rob, Kay Slay, Frankie Cutlass, G-Dep, our homie G-Bo The Pro, and many more!

    look out for GG TV episodes with G Bo, Frankie Cutlass and G-Dep coming soon!

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