Van City’s callin…and i’m gonna be there!

If you didn’t know my homie Bozack and I did a little west coast swing last week touching down in beautiful British Columbia to rock parties on the other side of the country! Needless to say I had an amazing time, saw a lot of old friends and made a ton of new ones.

The first night in I had the pleasure of returning to Whistler to rock out with my peoples DJ Arems & DJ Tanner (Faction Sound Crew) at their tuesday night. The next day I did it up @ 1st Love Wednesdays inside Tunnel in Vancouver alongside DJ Sage, Paul Skratch and Loko Boy. A last minute gig thursday made my day, as I was offered the opportunity to spin with my homies Hedspin & P-Luv @ their weekly Uptown Thursdays inside Bar None. Friday was a Toronto invasion @ Pop Opera with our extended fam, DJ Mensa, in the main room and Bozack and I in the backroom doing our Discotechnology thing. Our homegirl, Nina Mendoza is to thank for that one. Everyone else who held us down, I thank you. Tara F, Char L, DJ Bless-ed, DJ She, Gman & Rizk, ALIFE store, Cyrus @ Livestock, DJ U-Tern, Nancei, and the list goes on. Pics and vid will surface soon but for now enjoy a few flix from Bar None w/ Hedspin, P-Luv and myself!

Big Jacks, P Luv and Hedspin rockin @ Bar None

Big Jacks, P Luv and Hedspin rockin @ Bar None

bar none 2
bar none 3

–Big Jacks

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