*RE-UP* Cherrelle feat. Alexander O’Neal – Saturday Love (Big Jacks’ Re-Arrangement)

Here’s some exclusive flava for ya’ll that i whipped together the other night. Music lovers and DJs alike should enjoy what i did here. “Saturday Love” is one of my all time favourite 80’s joints, i love playing this at any gig i can and i love hearing when other DJs run it. However, most DJs (myself included) can have A.D.D., which leads to them playing only the first verse of this song, Cherrelle’s verse. Alexander O’Neal rarely gets his time to shine so i came up with a solution to that. With the magic of editing i’ve turned the song into even more of duet style piece where the best of both worlds meet in one verse! If you’ve never noticed in the past, lyrically both of their verses are pretty much the same so it makes sense! I also introduce the wonderful bridge after the second chorus, which is originally found at the end of the song, that no one ever plays! Listen, enjoy, spin it, share it, but give credit!

CHERRELLE feat. ALEXANDER O’NEAL – Saturday Love (Big Jacks’ Re-Arrangement)


Saturday Love music video


Saturday Love live on Soul Train w/ post performance interview

ps. big up colour coordinating your yellow suit to match the show’s backdrop!

–Big Jacks

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