MIXTAPE MONDAYS GGTV: G-BO The Pro “a Mixtape Pioneer”

Welcome to Mixtape Mondays, we set it off with a New York Mixtape Pioneer, G-BO THE PRO.
In this three part in-depth interview G-BO gives us a little background lesson of his contribution to the mixtapes and how he feels about our tribute to his classic mixtape.

For more info on G-Bo the Pro, hit him up


-Arrogant Roy

3 Responses to “MIXTAPE MONDAYS GGTV: G-BO The Pro “a Mixtape Pioneer””

  1. C Banga! Says:

    This was actually really dope…
    Dont know how you guys didnt scoop that Stylus Award for the tape…

    Im lookin forward to some more mixtape mondays posts!

    G-Bo seems like a real humble dude, but his work was monster…
    Whats the word on those box-sets?

  2. Avila Says:

    That’s big.
    DJ’s like yourselves need to continue the craft of ‘mixtapes’ or whatever they’ve evolved into – podcasts etc.

    Looking forward to more Mixtape Monday posts…

    Stylus, you’ll get em next year for sure. this year though:
    – DJ ROYALE – URBAN DJ OF THE YEAR – go vote @
    http://www.torontonightclubawards.com !!!

  3. grandgroovedjs Says:

    lol @ mark … don’t forget thera p

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