Welcome to Mixtape Mondays…


As DJ’s the mixtape plays a vital role in our lives. At first the mixtape is a source to hear the newest music, also to hear the creativity of other DJ’s and eventually influence how we develop our sound as a DJ. As we find our sound, the mixtape now becomes a media for us to showcase our creativity and as a promotional tool as well.

What makes the mixtape so special, is that it is a genuine product that comes straight from the artist (dj) to the listener. No commercials, no video, no image, just the music. The best A&R on the best record label will NEVER reach the listener like the mixtape does.

The purpose of “Mixtape Mondays” is to showcase the mixtape culture, both past and present. You find everything from Classic Mixtapes, New Mixtapes, interviews with other DJ’s and those who contributed to the mixtape culture.

Now sit back and stay tuned as we at Grand Groove drop some gems on you, and no need to get your tape decks ready, we already got that covered 😉

-Arrogant Roy

**P.S we are also accepting your classic mixtapes, if you have that favorite mixtape you haven’t listened to in years and need it digitized.

Contact: deejayroyale@gmail.com

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