Mixtape Mondays: Bozack Morris Presents “Black Zodiac”


If you know how I get down, you know I love my slow jams. Two years ago, I began working on this Black Zodiac project which consisted of some of my favourite 70’s soul slow jams. Unfortunately I never got around to finishing it, even though it gained some positive feedback in its unfinished form. After two years on the backburner, I never touched it until now. In fact what you hear now is basically the unfinished version. Regardless I didn’t want to keep it in the vaults for much longer, so here it is, Black Zodiac, the sounds of 70’s love. Nothing fancy, just that good old soul music.

This is your opportunity to take it back to that 70’s love groove. So invite an intimate friend over, light up the incense, grow a full set of pubes, play this on the highest volume and enjoy!

Let me know what you think.

And oh yeah for those that care this mix was made with:
No reissues.
No bootlegs.
No compilations.
No cds.
No mp3s.
Nothing but original vinyl pressings from the collection of Bozack Morris.
Step your crates up.

Download here

Here’s the tracklisting:
01. Tom Brock “The Love We Share Is The Greatest Of Them All”
02. The Temprees “(Girl) I Love You”
03. Gladys Knight & The Pips “And This Is Love”
04. Eddie Kendricks “Intimate Friends”
05. Charles Wright “A Mother’s Love”
06. Bettye Crutcher “A Little Bit More Won’t Hurt”
07. The Montclairs “Do I Stand A Chance”
08. The Edwards Generation Featuring Chuck Edwards “You’re The One For Me”
09. Norman Connors “You Are My Starship”
10. Barry White “Playing Your Game Baby”
11. Willie Hutch “I Can Sho’ Give You Love”
12. Barbara Mason “Give Me Your Love”
13. James Gilstrap “Move Me”
14. The Isley Brothers “Footsteps In The Dark”
15. The New Birth “Patiently”
16. Kool & The Gang “Summer Madness”
17. Johnny Bristol “Do It To My Mind”
18. Chicago Gangsters “I Choose You”
19. Black Ivory “Time To Say Goodbye”

PS. don’t jack this shit to make beats!!

Let me know what think!

– Bozack Morris

14 Responses to “Mixtape Mondays: Bozack Morris Presents “Black Zodiac””

  1. wristpect Says:

    bozackula! never got a moment to let you know but this shit right here is hot.
    yezzir. keep it moving. – the brown guy

  2. bozackula Says:

    yo wristpect good looking out!
    i’m glad you got time to peeping knowing how busy you been keeping!
    thanks yo!

  3. Juice Says:

    :-O… old head at heart… everytime i go home i search thru my dads collections… muuuuch respect… mad refreshing

  4. nep Says:

    you came all the way nice with this.
    dope soul music.
    peace to ya

  5. bozackula Says:

    thanks for the feedback yall!
    i’m glad you guys are feeling it!
    feel free to spread the mix and share it with your people!

  6. nep Says:

    your crazy for that Charles Wright track, that right there is the truth….the only people that are gonna be hearing this mix is in the room beside me at the motel 6.

  7. bozackula Says:

    if that’s the case,
    make sure you bump it hard enough that they actually hate it!

  8. Paul Coughee Says:

    yo Bozack, this still gets at least a couple weekly spins…..appreciated.

  9. Nick Says:

    This mix is awesome…thank you for putting this together. I love it!

  10. bozackula Says:

    thanks yall for the love!
    i may put out a directors cut version of this in the near future,
    with more songs etc.

    i’ll let yall know whats up!

  11. SALEM Says:

    I listen to this mix daily! No joke…it has been my go to mix for the past 2 months…Inspired and opened up yet another stream of music to explore.
    A big fan from Sydney

  12. Scott Says:

    Still bumpin’ this shit today!!

  13. Jah-Seen Says:

    I love this. I want more. Just when I thought I had all the 70’s music, here you go with this. Outstanding job, keep them comin! Bigup live from the (305)

  14. k Says:

    really would like to find this someone please help keep hitting brickwalls need this music keeps me alive

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