Mixtape Mondays: Sean Sax & Baba Khan – Hands of Music Vol.2 (1999)


Speakin’ of the Main Ingredient DJ’s, we got my man Sean Sax with some throwback flavor.

We takin’ you back to “Wreckshop radio” on 93.7 WBLK, who said Toronto DJ’s don’t run Buffalo radio!
“Hands of Music Vol.2” includes ’99 Hip hop and R&B bangers, and you know theres some hot blends on here.

I like to leave an element of surprise for the old mixtapes, so excuse the lack of tracklistings. But i will drop some song titles so you have and idea of the vibe of the mix

I Love you So Much – Trina Broussard
What Y’all Want – Eve
Sittin’ Home (Remix) – Total Feat. Shyne (early Shyne!)
Vivrant Thing – Q-tip
Party Tonight – 3rd Storee
Secret Love – Kelly Price Feat JD
No Pigeons – Sporty Thieves


Download Here :

Side A

Side B

-Arrogant Roy

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