Mixtape Mondays : Southern Hospitality Presents ‘Twelve 12’s’ Live Vinyl Only Mix Series: #09 w/ Matthew Africa


Shouts to Southern Hospitality

I respect the SHIT! out of the concept to this mixtape series. Twelve 12′ done live, just like the good ol’ days. I know some of these “microware” DJ’s are looking at me like i’m speaking another language right now. Yes no 8-bar edits, no tracking the mix, ALL LIVE!!.

This edition is done by Matthew Africa. The tracklisting may seem a little random to the average ear, but that’s the whole point. Plus any mix with joints from RBL Posse and Mac Mall, definitely deserves a listen.

Word on the street is Big Jacks is gonna be doing one of these mixes aswell!

Click Here to download and more info.

-Arrogant Roy

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