Differently Still Guy #42: Top 25 Hip Hop Albums of the decade! ft. Big Jacks & Agile!

Biiiig up to our Real Frequency Fam (Inzane, Arcee, Pplus, Keezy, Stacey) for years they’ve been a pillar in Toronto’s hip hop community. Each week the Freqs have provided us with “heatery” on the air waves from their college radio days to their current position on commercial radio at Flow 93.5. About a year ago they started a podcast on their blog by the name of “Differently Still Guy” where everything from nerdy hip hop randomness to fine cuisine has been discussed. I’ve been a huge fan of DSG so when they invited me on the podcast to discuss the top hip hop records of the past decade I was geeked to say the least. Check what they had to say…

As we wrap up 2009, we take a look back at the decade’s best albums. Now this being Hip Hop there is no way you can make a list with out a ‘discussion’, so we brought along Big Jacks (Grand Groove Dj’s, Black Rap) and the homie DJ Agile (Brassmunk, Big Black Lincoln) to add their views and take a look at a decade we thought was weak?

Peep the discussion and join in!

–Big Jacks

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