December 27, 2009 at Chic Lounge “Heaven On Earth” PT.2 featuring Royale & Spoonz


This upscale party is a salutation to all of our beloved deceased Urban artists who’ve blessed us all with [REAL. MUSIC]. I’m talking about “FEEL GOOD” music. “FORGET ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS” ..type music. The timeless tracks that make your heart smile.

Though those who have blessed the world with their art are no longer here, their music is still living and moving through the energy that leaves the speakers box, hits your ear drums, and makes that back bone SLIDE!

In addition, the sounds that these legendary sounds have inspired will be featured and as we mix the artists of today with the legends of yesterday.

Come out and enjoy a spectacular night of good music, good vibes, and feel the sounds of those who are in HEAVEN… here on earth!

Sunday December the 27th, its goin down inside Chic LOUNGE 214 St.west

$6 INDOOR PARKING@ University& pearl
Royale and Spoonz
Spinning the best of R&B, HipHop, Reggae, and Soca

– (via) Ace

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