DJ Royale Presents: “From Boo Boo To The Boardroom” Tribute to 50

DJ Royale takes you on musical journey with Sabrina’s Baby Boy, Curtis
Jackson better known as 50 Cent.

It’s been 10 years since 50 jumped on the scene, even with label set
backs and the near death experience. 50 carved his own lane creating
club ready tunes detailing his early years on the streets of Queens
New York, vicious disses towards his many enemies and of course his
love for the opposite sex.

Not only has he dominated the charts, 50 has shown he is much more
than a rapper with many groundbreaking endorsement deals such as his
shoe line with Reebok, clothing line with Ecko and Book deals with
MTV. He has taken the G-Unit stamp and planted it on film, television,
music and the internet ventures. And who could forget his biggest
business venture to date, as one of the original investors in Vitamin
Water, 50 walked away with $100 Million after taxes.

50 Cent continues to excite fans around the world as a global music
and cultural icon. DJ Royale brings together hits, remixes, album cuts
and mixtape classics. Creating a mixtape showcasing what brought Boo
Boo to the Boardroom, clever and witty lyrics over booming beats with
memorable melodic hooks.

– via Notaurious


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