Fri Oct 8th: The Fundamentals w/ Big Jacks & Mensa. Toronto

Classe Nouveau x Black Rap Present:

In Association with Grand Groove x Prizefighter:

“The Fundamentals”

With the abundance of jams these days, it’s important for Classe Nouveau and Black Rap to bring it back to The Fundamentals. We remember what was essential to your good night, and on Friday October 8th, we dedicate this party to exactly that:

*The friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
*Singing along to your favourite songs with your best and closest friends.
*Looking your best and receiving compliments throughout the night.
*The sexy person that caught your attention and the phone number you got at the end of the night.
*The wild drunken pictures of yourself and your friends that made you subsequently untag yourself on facebook.
*The crazy, funny stories your friends tell you about the night after.

All these things for a $5 cover**. sounds like a deal right? Come through as we celebrate the good time fundamentals inside Augusta House (152a Augusta Avenue).

The Fundamentals
Friday October 8th
Augusta House (152A Augusta Avenue)

Music by: DJ Big Jacks and DJ Mensa
Crowd Motivation by: Bozack Morris and Lambert Leander

**$5 on Guestlist before 11:30 (More After)
Style Code In effect


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