Backroad Radio – *Thanksgiving Special* October 11, 2010

Belated Happy Turkey Day y’all. As the Backroad fam likes to do every long weekend, we present to you the *THANKSGIVING THROWBACK SPECIAL* This week we went super random with the throwback tunes. Big Jacks & Royale held down the hip hop with a sprinkle of R&B, Bozack provided the 80’s Boogie vibes. Music from Illegal, Children of The Corn, Heavy D, Jodeci, Mary J, The Almighty R.S.O (Yes, that’s right!), Smif-n- Wessun, Canibus and many other “random” tunes. Shouts to Big Philly & Beans for passing though.


6 Responses to “Backroad Radio – *Thanksgiving Special* October 11, 2010”

  1. Marc Says:

    Thanks a lot for the Thanksgiving Special, I was driving in my car and loved the 80’s Old School. I would appreciate if you could post the tracks from Bozacks 80’s Boogie Vibes set.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Marc Says:

      Hey I meant to say would you post the list of songs (Song Title and Artist)that DJ Bozack played in his 80’s Boogie Vibes set.

      Thanks a lot

    • bozack morris Says:

      hey marc,
      sorry it took a minute for me to respond.
      i actually didn’t remember what i played so i had to listen to it again.
      well here it is!

      sass “much too much”
      aaron broomfield “i’m gonna miss ya”
      kool g rap “men at work” (blend)
      sharon redd “i’ll never give you up”
      toney lee “reach up”
      jimmy ross “first true love affair”
      goldie alexander “spend my life with you”
      midnight express “danger zone”
      d-train “keep on”
      vaughn mason & butch dayo “feel my love”

      the beatnuts “give me the ass” (blend)
      karin jones “here i go again”
      twilight “just a kiss away”

      thanks for peeping!
      now get digging!

  2. grandgroovedjs Says:

    For sure! i’ll relay the message to him. thanks for checkin’!

  3. Big Jacks Says:

    hey Marc. ive relayed the message to Bozack as well so hopefully he’ll post that up for you soon!

    in the meantime if you want more boogie type flava make sure to grab this mix from our podcast! featuring myself & NYC’s own DJ Eleven!

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