Mixtape Massacre – The Final Episode

Saturday Feb 5th, 2011 might have marked the end of an era here in Toronto as The Mixtape Massacre broadcasted on CKLN 88.1’s airwaves for what could be the last time due to the CRTC decision to revoke the station’s license after serving as a voice for the community for nearly 30 years.

We opened the doors and invited our friends, fam and fans to celebrate all the good times with us and showcase the rich history and talent that exists in our city. Tons of special guests passed through/called in to the show from Ron Nelson, DJX, Real Frequency, K-Os, Citizen Kane and many more. We also opened the mics for a live cipher featuring some of TO’s finest such as: Tona, Rich Kidd, Adam Bomb, Thrust, 4th Pyramid, Smash Brovas, and High Def.

I’d like to take a second to say thank you to YOU if you ever took the time to tune into The Mixtape Massacre, whether you loved us or hated us. I’m not going to go on and on here about what the entire journey and experience meant to me but we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to comment and share your fondest memories of saturday afternoons on 88.1 (from Fantastic Voyage thru to Mixtape Massacre) and CKLN on the whole as a station.

For more information on what you can do to help keep CKLN 88.1 on air and to sign the petition visit CKLN

The Mixtape Massacre – Final Episode (Feb 5 2011) by The Mixtape Massacre



Here’s some bonus video footage of the cipher shot by the homie Bezel

4 Responses to “Mixtape Massacre – The Final Episode”

  1. Mendez Says:

    Hopefully things will be up and running again in the near future. After moving to Canada in ’89 I immediately became an avid listener of the Power Move show back in the day, and never missed and episode. Even still got a couple of the black Dennon and Grey Metal Momorex tapes with the shows on it. Got rid of so many though, Now I wish i never did. Battle of the beats, the freestyle battles, Live @ the BBQ at the Tunnel with the girls walking around serving KFC out the buckets. (Still the best jam i EVER went to) CKLN definitlely was a big influence to me on the hip hop scene.



  2. grandgroovedjs Says:


    I still have a few powermove tapes sititng somewhere in a dusty box. i need to uncover those. it’s always been surreal to me that i went from sitting in front of my radio as a yoot taping the shows to sitting in the studio behind the mic as the voice of that slot. It’s been an amazing ride, that’s for sure.

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    […] is something special right here!!! After we brought you what could’ve been our final show (thankfully it’s not, as the CRTC granted CKLN a stay for the time being) we still […]

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