Powermove x Real Frequency x Mixtape Massacre *AUDIO* (Feb 12, 2011)

This is something special right here!!! After we brought you what could’ve been our final show (thankfully it’s not, as the CRTC granted CKLN a stay for the time being) we still technically had one final broadcast to program for the legendary 1-4pm saturday slot on CKLN the week after. Linx and I discussed what we wanted to do and after deciding that we didn’t really want to make this show about us, Linx suggested we reach out to The Real Frequency and offer them an official last show. From there things just snowballed. The Freqs put out the idea to hit up DJX and make it an extended family affair by including the Powermove as well. With only a few days of planning and a bunch of emails we were able to put together something very special for you Toronto. The Powermove, Real Frequency and Mixtape Massacre ALL IN ONE show together for the first time. Members from every show were in the house, along with a ton of special guests in studio and on the phone lines. All topped off with the man who started it all, Ron Nelson (Fantastic Voyage) in the building with us. Toronto’s hip hop history is rich and if there’s one thing this special show did it was remind us all of that. This is that non stop blunted action, take it in…

Powermove x Real Frequency x Mixtape Massacre

PS. bonus points if you can name everyone in the pic!

One Response to “Powermove x Real Frequency x Mixtape Massacre *AUDIO* (Feb 12, 2011)”

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