Backroad Radio – Dec 12th, 2011

Say what you want about 50 Cent’s commercial albums but if you’re a fan of gutter street shit from Curtis Jackson then you cannont front on his mixtape releases, especially in the last couple years. The Big 10 is the lastest one from Fif and it’s exactly what we at Backroad Radio love from him. On this week’s Backroad Radio Royale came with a set highlighting tracks from The Big 10 and other 50 Cent classics from the discography.

The new music set came courtesy of Bozack featuring joints from: Common, Saukrates, Mayhem Lauren, Domo Genesis (Odd Future), Blackstar, Gangrene, and more!

Big Jacks brought throwback vibes with classics from: Hard 2 Obtain, Hoodratz, Red Hot Lover Tone, Tim Dog, and others!


PS. On that 50 Cent tip remember to peep DJ Royale’s BOO BOO TO THE BOARDROOM mix from a couple years ago. It’s a best of 50 Cent mix and it’s grimey!

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