Backroad Radio – April 23rd, 2012 *3 HOUR SHOW*

It’s been two years since we lost one of the most distinctive voices in hip hop, the one and only Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal aka Keith Elam aka Keithy E The Guru or just plain ol’, Guru. Let’s be honest, while he made some amazing records as part of Gangstarr and even solo he also made a fair amount of questionable records along the way. In this tribute to him we made sure to cover all aspects of his career. If you’re a true fan of hip hop and Guru’s legacy you’ll definitely enjoy Big Jacks’ set and our discussion about him. RIP.

With LEANT just a few days away we thought we should continue to get you prepared with what you can expect that night. Royale came with the Leant type vibes with joints from Outkast, T.I., Dipset, Master P, Lil Scrappy, and others. Ride to this, sip sumthin’, drank sumthin’, and get leant with us on Friday April 27th.

and of course we had lots of new music this week courtesy of Bozack. Peep the standout joints from Homeboy Sandman, Puzzle & Paradox, Caution Da Don, TRA, and more including that brand new A$AP Rocky record which we kinda like.


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PS. This record was WAY too dirty to include in our Guru set on air but we can’t have a Keithy E tribute without including one of the greatest recorded moments in his career…

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