Droppin’ Dimez – Nov 13th 2012 feat. DJ Big Jacks

Much love to the Droppin Dimez crew for reaching out to me once again to help fill in. With JJ Rock missing in action this week I was called up to throwdown on air alongside Mel Boogie for this week’s show. I held down the new joints and Mel brought out the random classics. I also dropped an impromptu ODB mini tribute in light of the 8 year anniversary of his passing this week. RIP DIRT MCGIRT.

Lastly, huge shouts to the homie Phonte for calling in to chop it up with us about his upcoming Toronto show. He had a lot of love to give to the city and even Big Jacks. You won’t wanna miss what he had to say.


One Response to “Droppin’ Dimez – Nov 13th 2012 feat. DJ Big Jacks”

  1. Backroad Radio – Nov 12th 2012 « Grand Groove Says:

    […] Veteran MC Phonte (formally of Little Brother fame) who now rocks with Foreign Exchange, is coming to Toronto this weekend and we spotlighted some of his classic catalog from the past 10 years. Bozack threw down joints from his solo material to guest spots, his current work with FE and of course the Little Brother classics. Unfortunately Phonte missed calling into our show for an interview but Big Jacks had a chance to speak with him the day after on DROPPIN’ DIMEZ. […]

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