Backroad Radio Presents : Backroad Bars 2012

backroad bars 2012-01

In 2012 we’ve had some of Toronto’s finest MC’s stop by Backroad Radio to kick it with us and spit lives rhymes, which we like to call the Backroad Bars.

If you missed any of the freestyle madness from Backroad Radio this year we’ve compiled a best of compilation for you.

Backroad Bars features live freestyles from: Raz Fresco, JD Era, Rich Kidd, A-Game, Smash Brovaz, The Airplane Boys, KJ, TRA, Caution Da Don, Perfect Strangers (Dan-e-o & Promise), Solitair, Puzzle, L the 12th Letter, Peter Jackson, JR Mint, Church Chizzle, The Get By, Infu, Gee Wunder, Knamelis, Set 2, Twist, Miles Jones, Jane From Finch, Cali Snipes, and Capeech. GET IT NOW…


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