The 1st Annual Backroad Radio Awards!


2012 has been fantastic year for hip hop music and if you don’t think so, you’re out of your fuckin’ mind and you probably weren’t paying attention! With that said, we recapped the most memorable highlights and lowlights of the year by introducing our 1st annual award show, the Backroad Radio Awards aka #theBRAs!

Categories included everything from album of the year to biggest disappointment and so many others. And we spared no punches with the nominees especially if they were disappointing to us. The show is filled with entertaining and controversial commentary from the Backroad staff. You might not agree with us, but it’s ok, your opinion counts too. Just listen and let us know. Of course we also played some of the great music that we loved from 2012 (and the show is 3 hours and some change!) Take this one in and let the hip hop debates begin. Happy holidays from Backroad Radio!


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AND Backroad Bars is out NOW. This is a compilation of the best freestyles from our show in 2012. GET IT HERE

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