Feb 16th 2013: Late Night at Lamesa feat. DJ Big Jacks





Join us Saturday, February 16th for the seventh installment of LATE NIGHT AT LAMESA.

HOLY SHIT WE MADE IT!! It’s the middle of February. Cun you beleeb ett?

Continuing on with the Late Night series, this Saturday we got Big Jacks on the decks. We all know about Big Jacks, but here’s some info in case you’d been sleeping.

So as half of the renowned Grand Groove DJs (www.grandgroovedjs.com) and Black Rap, Big Jacks has been putting in time on the radio as co-host of the late great Mixtape Massacre Show on CKLN and at parties across North America. He’s also spun alongside the likes of Tribe, KRS, Premier, and was the official DJ for your girl’s favorite clothing store Aritzia. Just you know . . . whatever.

We’re really happy Big Jacks agreed rock the shop. The last couple weeks of Toronto-ass-winter have been rough on our citizens, we know Jacks’ brand of live-upedness will warm our souls to get us through February.

Big Jacks has nuff mixtapes and mixes available for download and stream. Check him out:


Also, if you’re looking for something really special to take part in on Valentine’s Day (FEB 14), our Sous Chef Daniel Cancino designed a 9-course menu for that night that’s guaranteed to make it memorable.

Peep it here: http://www.facebook.com/events/303084413127619/

Stay tuned for future LATE NIGHTS featuring CIRCLE RESEARCH, DJ J-TEC among others.

The kitchen will be cooking a late night menu featuring a rotating offering of Filipino snacks plus our city-famous KRISPY PATA ($30 + 4 San Miguel Beer).

Jameson is on special again at $4.

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