steppin out - front

Setting the tone for 2013 is the latest installment of the accaimed mix series, Steppin’ Out!

Once again, DJ’s Mensa & Royale showcase the best of unheralded R’n’B. Songs that didn’t quite make it into the spotlight but are the building blocks to many a memorable night.

The aught’s, or 2000’s era, takes center stage this go around, but we stick to the script of searching for hidden gems in the albums, soundtracks, and 12 inch rarities that lined our milkcrates as DJ’s on the come up.

This era marked the debut of contemporary hitmakers like John Legend, Kelis, and Amerie, a slew of artists with singles deals that couldn’t quite get their careers off the ground, and, of course, the likes of The Neptunes and Tim & Bob with their perfect alchemy of melodies and boom bap.

All this great material was considered ripe for the picking by us and helped set off countless nights before the rush of the clubs.

So whether you’re getting faded, buzzed, nostalgic, in the mood, or all the above, be sure that you take this in, and get ta steppin’!


steppin out - front


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