Fri April 19th 2013 – Play Friday Presents: Rambunction. DJs Big Jacks x Smartiez

rambunction 1

rambunction 2


April 19th, 2013

Def: 1. A colloquial noun variant of the adjective ‘rambunctious.’ A more succinct version of ‘rambunctiousness’ more easily inserted into direct speech. Rowdy, boistrous mayhem.
2. A word perhaps invented by Busta Rhymes in the song “Scenario” by A Tribe Called Quest. – a portmanteau, combining the words “rambunctious” and “dysfunction”
3. A fun party going down at Play on Queen in Toronto, playing an assortment of hip-hop dopeness.

Causin’ Rambunction:
DJ Big Jacks
DJ Smartiez

Hip-hop, Bounce, Trap, Booty Rap. Club Bangers, Rap Anthems, Southern Goodness, Ol’ Skool Classics

Brought to you by: Classe Nouveau, Roundtable Ent, & Originals Concepts

GUEST LIST & BOTTLE SERVICE: | 647 200 7779 | 416 918 6064 or 647 990 6109 | 416 919 1084

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