*Mix*. DJ Big Jacks x WRG Mag mix series vol. 8 (boogie funk).

The peeps over at What’s Really Good Mag reached out to me to be featured in their online mix series this month. So here’s something new from myself for those of you who love the boogie funk disco groove from the early 80’s. There’s no tracklist but take a listen and join in the fun of seeing how many tracks you can name.

wrgmag mix cover


Big Jacks is one of Toronto’s most prominent selectors, and budding producers, blessing crowds with his stacks of fat wax for over a decade. His boogie-inspired remixes have rocked joints all over North America, including “The Rub” in New York and “The Dime” in LA with. He’s also one of the DJs in residence for Aritzia, with a wealth of his famed mixes setting the vibe in all stores.

This month’s mix is a journey back to that 80s boogie vibe via the dusty grooves, warm basslines, and infectious synths that packed sweaty discotheques.

If you ever needed a soundtrack for riding with the windows down and the air blowing through your Jheri curl, then this is it. When DJ Big Jacks is on the hot wax there will always be Shine. Download this latest mix and Shine on.


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