Backroad Radio: July 1st 2013 (The 2nd Annual Backroad Cipher)

Backroad Cipher 2013

Last year we began an annual Canada Day tradition for our city which we like to call the Backroad Cipher. We invited some of Toronto’s finest MC’s to come through and rip it live on air with us as we rocked for 3 hours celebrating our city and its talent.

The 2nd Annual Backroad Cipher took place this year on Monday July 1st and was even bigger this time around. In the house spitting with us we had: Rich Kidd, Raz Fresco, 6th Letter, Smash Brovaz, Dan-e-o, Nish Raawks, Marvel, Phoenix Pagliacci, Theo 3, Frankie Payne, 9th Uno, OSIYM, Brandon Chey, A Harmony, Kzaraw, Bosquiat Clique, Via Linez, Lyve, ELMNT, Church Chizzle, Jae Ari, Jimmy B and more. All the original beats were provided by Lancecape and Frank Dukes.

Big up to every single person who came through to participate or just show love. The vibe was nuts. We do this for ya’ll Toronto so peep the show and spread the word.


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