Backroad Radio – July 8th 2013

the power

This past Monday Toronto was turned upside down by a storm that flooded streets and left many people powerless and in the dark. Over at Backroad Radio though, we were still broadcasting. While we were in the dark too, with no sound in the actual studio and we still had the power. Running off the back up generator (which you’ll hear cut out on us right before we sign off haha!) we were able to put together a nice little show for ya’ll on limited resources. But that’s hip hop.

Royale held down all the music with brand new joints from Jay-Z’s MCHG, J Cole, Wale, Prodigy & Alchemist, Dom Kennedy, Mac Miller, and more.

We give our two cents on Jay’z new album, Kanye’s Yeezus and the fact you can’t really compare the two.

Shouts to everyone at CHRY that worked through the storm to make sure the station was still on air to broadcast!


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AND Backroad Bars is out NOW. This is a compilation of the best freestyles from our show in 2012. GET IT HERE

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