Wed Sept 11th 2013: DJ Ariel’s Birthday Celebration w/ DJs Big Jacks, Ariel, Jason Neyra. Ballet. Toronto.

a lil’ something next week for all my party people and fellow Virgos.

Ariel's Ballet

Via DJ Ariel

Another day another dollar so another year another…..

We’re back at it again, it’s Virgo Season. I can’t seem to stop getting older so thanks to my mama and let’s celebrate!!

There’s a shit ton of you Virgo’s out there and those who love us. Come through, say a little hello, blow a kiss and have a drink with us. Jason Neyra will open the night up nice, I’ll warm you up and Big-Jacks will take us home? Actually, we’ll have to see how Pam feels about that so no promises.. but I’m pretty sure it’ll be rocking.

DJ Big Jacks ( | #GGBRFUCKEM)
DJ Ariel (
Jason Neyra ( |

It’s been quite the year so I’m calling out all the homies.. I wanna see your faces. Let me know what’s good.

Love love,

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