Backroad Radio: April 21st 2014

illmatic 20 year

Nas’s classic debut album turned 20 years old last week so we celebrated with a spotlight on some of his best works from that era. Royale put together a set of Nas bangers from 92-96ish with remixes, b-sides, original samples and of course Illmatic album cuts. Strictly for the real hip hop heads only yo! Represent, represent.

Big Jacks and Bozack came with the new music from De La Soul x Dilla, Killer Mike x Alchemist, Drake, 50 Cent, Isiah Rashad, Freddie Gibbs and more including an impromptu mini 4:20 set to start the show as well.

We also discussed a bunch of interesting hip hop news like which Wu Tang affiliated chopped his “head” off kiiid.


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