Sun June 29th 2014: Sunday’s Best – Day Soiree w/ DJs Big Jacks x Mensa x Soca Sweetness. Toronto.

sunday's best june 29 (1)

sunday's best june 29

The Country Club Experience:
Spa Services for the ladies + Ice Cream Bar + BBQ + Shisha + More

Celebrating the life of Kay ‘Spexx’ Jordan and many others, we’re taking your favourite long weekend party to another level (literally)!

DJ Mensa + Big Jacks + Soca Sweetness
Hosted by T-Rexx Co-hosted by Layla Adonia

Doors open at 3pm and capacity is limited, arrive early!

Attire | Ladies know. Gents think polos, chinos and loafers: no sporty sneakers, tanks or cargo shorts.

Ladies free before 4pm w rsvp:

2 bottles (Belvedere/Hennessy/Moet) + VIP Entry for 6 | 450
2 bottles (Bacardi/Absolut) + VIP Entry for 6 | 400
Limited booths available: 416-919-1084

Why wait until late? Take advantage of Summer!
We look forward to entertaining you. Please turn up responsibly.

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