Fri Aug 8th 2014 : The Convo feat. Grand Groove DJs at Ritual Nightclub. Ottawa, Ont.

Convo Aug Placeholder

Words from Broke Billi…

In celebratory fashion we’ve brought out some of our favourite djs out of the big city. You’ve likely been to 2 of the editions they’ve been involved with. Last year July we had Big Jacks and for our anniversary we had the homie Royale.

Now if you didn’t know they, together, are the sound known as:

Big Jacks & Royale (Aritzia | GGBRFUCKEM | Toronto)

The times they were here seperately have to go down in our history as some of the wildest if not packed ass sweaty crazy ass wild omg is that weave on the ground wait wait wait yo dog watch this girl just now hold up b yo slow down i wasn’t even ready for that tune ASSSSSSSSS moments.. Ever… at the Convo.

So get involved.


$125 Ciroc Bottles.

convo aug 2014

and peep the vid from the last time Big Jacks was out there

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