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Stoli Vodka Cypher Series feat. The Grand Groove DJs

November 21, 2012

We were honoured when the folks over at Stoli Vodka asked us participate in their DJ cypher series. Our video dropped today. Take a sec and check it out!


October 30, 2009

Now imagine you had just a drum loop of “Impeach The President” and access to all your favorite MC’s. Who would you want want to be in this cipher? Big Jacks and Royale go through their picks of who they would have in their fantasy cipher (pause).


-Arrogant Roy


October 23, 2009

We had the privilege to catch up with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg while he was in town for Rock the Bells. We touched on subjects such as HOT 97, Meeting Maxwell, Jim Jones, Juan Epstein and … Big Jacks’ passport!? A very funny and dope interview, don’t sleep y’all.

-Arrogant Roy

MIXTAPE MONDAYS GGTV: G-BO The Pro “a Mixtape Pioneer”

October 19, 2009

Welcome to Mixtape Mondays, we set it off with a New York Mixtape Pioneer, G-BO THE PRO.
In this three part in-depth interview G-BO gives us a little background lesson of his contribution to the mixtapes and how he feels about our tribute to his classic mixtape.

For more info on G-Bo the Pro, hit him up

-Arrogant Roy

Grand Groove TV: Assorted Goods No.1 Photo Shoot

September 16, 2009

Alright y’all, you have seen the flyer already (designed by Bozack Morris and Photography by Shaun Montano). Now have a look at how it all came together. Exclusive behind the scenes look at the “Assorted Goods No. 1” Photo shoot.

Do remember on Friday, September 25, 2009 Black Rap & Live A Good Life present “Assorted Goods No.1” The one year anniversary of the event “Assorted Goods”. @ Dazzling (291 king Street West, Toronto)

-Arrogant Roy


Grand Groove TV : Frankie Cutlass talks “Puerto Rico”

September 2, 2009

Back to Back GG in NYC episodes with the one and only, Frankie Cutlass. We caught up with him in Spanish Harlem and he talks about his classic party record “Puerto Rico”, and explains where he sampled the “PUERTO RICO!…HOOOOOOO!!” from. Very interesting, trust me you do not wanna miss this. An appearance also from the man G-Bo the Pro as well. This video is dedicated to my DJ’s out there, I know y’all would appreciate this one.

-Arrogant Roy

P.S. GGTV finale up next with G-Bo the Pro & Neil Armstrong

Grand Groove TV : G-Dep Live from Spanish Harlem

September 2, 2009

Grand Groove TV Live from NYC continues with G-Dep. Former Bad Bad Boy recording artist who is responsible for some post-2000 classics “Lets Get It” & “Special Delivery” (don’t act like you weren’t harlem shakin’ when you heard these joints). We caught up with him in his own backyard, Spanish Harlem and he put us on to what he is currently working with.

… and i was already on fish & spaghetti!!

-Arrogant Roy

Grand Groove TV : MJ Toronto Tribute at Dundas Square

August 28, 2009

51 years ago from today, a legend was born. So it was only right to drop this.

July 1st, 2009, history was made in Toronto. Manifesto put together a Michael Jackson Tribute at Dundas Square, to celebrate the life and death of Michael Jackson by putting Toronto’s best DJ’s on stage and unite the city together to celebrate the music Michael created. Testimonials from Wristpect, Mensa, Mellenius from Tone Mason, L’ oqenz and much more.

Happy Birthday Michael …

-Arrogant Roy

Grand Groove TV : Marco Polo

August 28, 2009

Shouts to Marco Polo, who was pretty much the tour guide for the Grand Groove NYC trip.

We caught up with him and he let’s us know about his love for his hometown, breaks down the “Double Barrel” Project with Torae (which is in stores now by the way!), and also calls out some of you cornball producers out there.

M-Pezzey we see you!

-Arrogant Roy

Grand Groove TV : DJ Skizz

August 28, 2009

As we keep it on the Halftime Show, check out the homie DJ Skizz.

He put us on to his upcoming projects he has with some of NY’s heavyweights. Make sure you get your hands on the DJ SKIZZ mix cd “HEAVY ROTATION”, shit is fire!

-Arrogant Roy