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GGBRFM Vol. 3 Episode 2 – Everest College Dropout

January 18, 2016

Back with the Quickness, it’s GGBRFM. This episode we talk biggest songs of the 00’s, Everest College, MBDTF = Kanye’s best, no-Illmatic zone, smoke and mirrors on social media and Royale’s reaction to hearing “No More Parties in LA” for the first time. Take this in, it’s GGBRFUCKEM!

GGBRFM Vol 3. Episode 1 – Wisdom Body

January 13, 2016

GGBRFM we back! Shit talk at it’s finest with your usual suspects. Recorded in December 2015 talking about Rap, Young Cats vs Old Heads, rap, “bloggists” & taste makers and more rap. Get involved people ! It’s GGBRFUCKEM