Backroad Radio – April 14th 2014


Outkast’s return to the stage has had everyone in hip hop and music in general buzzing and discussing the groups string of upcoming shows this year. While their performance at Coachella was met with mixed reviews, it was still clear that the music world was happy to see them together again. You can’t deny the fact that they are one of the greatest hip hop groups of all time. We did a throwback to spotlight some of their classics on this week’s show.

Royale and Big Jacks were on the road so Bozack held down all the duties of throwback and new joints as well. Peep the new music from: YG x Kendrick Lamar, Flatbush Zombies, Freddie Gibbs, Isiah Rashad, TRA (The Rhyme Animal), De La Soul, Mobb Deep, VLXL, and more including that BoJackson exclusive!

**please excuse the janky audio quality on this week’s show**


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