Royale’s random CD buys: Cam’Ron – Crime Pays

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Cam’Ron -Crime Pays (2009)

Where : HMV Trinity Commons Mall Brampton, ON

How Much: 14.99

Why : Seriously!?

Standout joints: “Cookin Up”, “Curve”, “Get it In Ohio”, “Got it For Cheap” & “Who”
Sit down Joints: “You Know What’s Up”, “Get it Get it”

Rating: 7.5/10

Conclusion : As much as i would love a Dipset reunion, in terms of music, Cam definitely does not need them. In my opinion a strong album. You can see this as an “alright” album or a really good mixtape. Cam fans, Dipset fans will not be disappointed…and i am pretty sure this album did better than “Pray for Reign”

P.S – I gave up on getting Summer Jam Tix, I doubt the reunion will happen.

-Arrogant Roy AKA Royale Montana

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