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Big Jacks – Toronto, Canada
Grand Groove DJs/ GGBRFUCKEM

“Do what you love and the rest will fall into place” is a way of thinking that Jason Isaac (aka DJ Big Jacks) has built his career and life on. In his case the labour of love has always been music. His passion for it, fuelled by the inspiration of his father and family upbringing helped elevate Big Jacks’ interest in the arts from a hobby he loved to his livelihood.
Before even touching the turntables young Jacks spent time going to record stores with his dad to pick up the latest calypso releases. Now in a digital age where most people don’t look past their favourite mp3 website for music you’ll still find Big Jacks going that extra mile to uncover the latest tune or forgotten gem in your local record store, thrift shop, or even a dusty warehouse basement. To Big Jacks there are no boundaries when it comes to finding and exposing new music to share with the world.
It’s the mentality to dig deeper than just what the surface offers that Big Jacks carries with him as an outlook on life. While his humble beginnings were as a hip hop DJ using his lunch money to buy the newest albums, today no genre is overlooked when he creates his musical landscape. Everyday brings a new opportunity to learn and expand on his craft. It’s because of this that he has been able to rise and become one of the premier DJs in his country and abroad, able to create that perfect vibe whatever the occasion. Whether it is getting the dance floor going or simply providing an atmospheric backdrop and soundtrack, he is able to tailor the sound to compliment any mood.
Big Jacks has made quite the name for himself in recent years as the official DJ for the popular women’s clothing store Aritzia. Currently, he works with the company to create a culture and an identity with its target audience. He curates and programs playlists for all their North American store locations, and his mixes and music have surpassed the half million plays mark on Soundcloud. Big Jacks has found an effective and refreshing way to connect and influence their massive international customer base every day. His work has also been played heavily in other notable stores around the world like H&M, Forever 21, Top Shop, and many other cool boutiques and restaurants. All of which has led to him playing all over Canada and the US for those who love mixes he creates.
Moving beyond just being a club DJ, the past few years of Big Jacks’ career have seen a growth in direction. With formal schooling from Humber College in radio broadcasting, Big Jacks has become a fixture in Toronto’s radio community, DJing, hosting and producing, some of the most popular urban programs on the city’s airwaves.
In 2014, he and his Grand Groove DJ partner, Royale were honoured with an invitation to spin and be interviewed on one of the biggest radio shows in the world, Sway In The Morning on XM Radio’s Shade 45 channel. The highly regarded program is one of the most popular outlets for the world’s top celebrities (musicians, actors, athletes, etc) to be spotlighted as it broadcast globally to millions of listeners each day.
Most recently Big Jacks has forged a new name for himself as an upcoming remixer and producer of music. With a few promotional releases under his belt, his work has been heavily talked about and blogged by various websites, spun by DJs around the world, and received attention from some of the music industry’s elite.
Everything Big Jacks achieves and every hurdle that he overcomes is because he has stuck by doing what he loves to do. He consistently demonstrates finely tuned technical skills in his work, but it’s his passion for music and life that shines through connecting and bringing his audience to a whole new level.


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